HypnoBirthing course

In a group € 350,-

Private € 750,-

Extra class / catch up class: 110,-

Often you can get reimbursements from your healthcare insurance.


Moxibustion (Moxa)

45 min. to 1 hour session with instructions to proceed at home: € 40,- including 5 Moxa sticks.

Moxa sticks, 5 for € 10,-



Hypnosis session to:
* Let go of fears
* Process a previous birth
* Help your baby turn from a breech position to an optimal one

1,5 hours € 75,- including a script to use at home.


Power Turn-a-Breech Combo

Power combo session Moxa + Hypnosis 2 hours. € 95,-


Cord Tie

€ 4,-

2 for € 7,50

Shipping costs within The Netherlands are 1,95


Head massage spider

€ 10,-


BirthBath including a gift

5 weeks: € 175,-

For people who follow my HypnoBirthing course € 165,- 


CUB birthing stool 

€ 174,95

With my code: 47681 to be ordered through prettymum.nl


Birthwishes/Birthingplan counseling 

1,5 hours including a gift: € 80,-


Personal consult

€ 50,- per hour, starting at 1 hour.


Organising a Babyshower

Costs depend very much on your wishes and budget. Please call me to see if we can come to an agreement. 06 24 763 444

Take Note: All rates above are excluding any shipping, travel or parking costs. They may apply. Travel will be 0,19 ct per km. 

Want or need something which isn't listed but you think I can help? Or just have a question? It's always free to contact me and I always love hearing from interested people. 

Payment in terms is usually possible.