HypnoBirthing® is a tried and proven method that guides and prepares a woman for giving birth in a peaceful and extraordinarily beautiful manner. It is a program that considers the psychological, as well as the physical, well-being of the mother, her birth partner, and the newborn.

The HypnoBirthing® program is built around an educational process that includes special breathing, relaxation, visualization and a lot of information about how your natuurlijkgeboren.nl algemeen zwangere Samen zwanger lachend op het kleed kleinbody and how the Dutch care system works. Most importantly it fosters an air of mutual respect for the birthing family, as well as the health-care provider. This way you will be well prepared and can easily make your own choices regarding how you want your health-care provider to act in certain situations.

The course is 5 times a 2,5 to 3-hour session with breaks included.

It's best to start when you're between 20 and 32 weeks pregnant. Even if you're further along, you can still start, but we might have to arrange a private course to make sure you experience all the sessions.

In my course, I always have an informal and relaxed atmosphere of openness and fun. Everything you tell me is treated confidentially of course and all questions are welcome.

I keep the classes small, maximum of seven couples, but usually less. This way, quality and enough attention for each couple will be assured. Your birth partner can be your mom, sister, boyfriend, husband, grandpa, doula, whoever you want present at your birth.

Current courses:

For personal reasons, there will be no courses in the coming months. Probably sometime next year I will plan one again. When I do, you will find it here! Of course, you can send me a message to be notified when I do.

The rates:

Usually, your health insurance will reimburse between 50 and 500 euros, depending on your package. There is also a standard letter you can send them to ask for compensation and often it will be accepted. I can provide this for you.

Group course: 350,- per couple (Mother & Birth Partner*)

This includes VAT, the HypnoBirthing book by Marie Mongan, CD, handouts, scripts, MP3's and tea with treats during the breaks.

I need enough couples to attend a group course to pay for location costs. I will be in touch with you if there aren't three. Usually, we will still find a solution so you can still follow the course.

Private course: 750,- per couple (Mother & Birth Partner*)

I will come to your home 5 times to teach you the HypnoBirthing course. This includes VAT, the HypnoBirthing book by Marie Mongan, CD, handouts, scripts and MP3's. Of course, you will have a lot to say about the course dates and times. For locations further than 5 km, I charge 0,19 per km and parking costs if any apply.


Here you can read our (Dutch) Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement.

For all courses a payment plan is possible. Check in with me if you want this.

* A mother can attend a course by herself. This does not change the rates, if partners cost extra, they are less likely to attend. Sometimes I can pair you with a doula for a reduced rate. Contact me in advance if you want this, or have any questions.

** Location isn't set in stone.